Calligaris Group launches the "Greenbow" project on sustainability

Calligaris Group launches the "Greenbow" project on sustainability

Calligaris Group, the historic Made in Italy Design Group, is determined to make a difference on the issue of sustainability.
The Greenbow - our sustainable agenda program aims to structure and organize corporate activities dedicated to this theme by acting on 2 fronts: on the Product, creating green furnishings, composed of natural and recycled materials and thinking about circularity, and on the Company system, for a sustainable approach to product development, production and distribution.

The Greenbow sustainability agenda is a precise and measurable commitment of the Company and above all of the people who make it up, to work in a greener perspective and make their contribution to conserve the planet for future generations, in compliance with the principles of 'UN agenda 2030.
Greenbow is based on the application of analytical indicators that allow the Group to define objectives and measure the progress of structured actions to achieve them thanks to the contribution of the entire organization.
With Greenbow, Calligaris Group wants to give substance to sustainability initiatives: "We do not immediately promise you 100% green in everything, but certainly 100% commitment and transparency to make our contribution to a sustainable future".

From the product front, comes the most interesting news. Thanks to the application of a real mathematical formula, Calligaris Group will be able to define the sustainability indicator of each item, composing together different parameters that allow to evaluate existing products and thus guide the development of new products.

The indicator will take into account the amount of natural materials used with low environmental impact, such as FSC® wood, organic cotton or other natural fibers, the amount of recycled materials, such as post industrial or post consumer plastic, the exclusive Eco Stone and other materials being studied by the research and development team, and the "circularity" understood as the level of recyclability of the compounds themselves, the ease of disassembly, the performance of the product in terms of durability and the "chemical" safety of the materials used.
The products that will be evaluated as eco-friendly will be marked with the new rainbow logo "I am green".

On the "corporate system" front, Calligaris Group will continue and intensify the process of reducing waste, resource consumption and, above all, the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. A process that began over 15 years ago and that has allowed the company to obtain important awards such as the FSC® certification, which guarantees that the wood used in the products derives from sources managed in a responsible manner according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards, and the achievement of the ISO 14001 certification of the parent company to be obtained for all the subsidiaries. Calligaris Group has also introduced a review process of internal procedures based on the principles of social responsibility that will lead to the adoption, in the coming years, of the ISO 45001 certification. By 2022, the company, with an operation started in 2019, will is committed to the complete removal of asbestos from its factories.

But the company is made above all of people, and the Group firmly believes that the protagonists of this project will be first and foremost the employees who, with their everyday actions, will allow the achievement of ambitious environmental sustainability objectives.

“In recent years at the helm of Calligaris Group, I have made environmental sustainability a priority issue in the company. We have developed some eco-sustainable products, obtained the ISO 14000 certification in Calligaris, replaced the “disposable” PET bottles with water bottles and other similar initiatives to encourage everyone to adopt good habits, but it is NOT enough.
I believe that to make a more substantial contribution we must have a more structured approach to the problem and above all with clear objectives that guide our decisions every day.
"Greenbow - our sustainable agenda" represents our program and a long-term commitment to develop, produce and distribute eco-sustainable products by integrating them with a company system that aims to reduce the environmental impact that we all have on the planet, thus making our contribution to UN 2030 agenda.
We must remember that we only have one Earth and we must preserve it for ourselves and especially for our children, we can no longer waste time! " says Stefano Rosa Uliana, CEO of Calligaris Group.

With the Greenbow - our sustainable agenda project, Calligaris Group makes ecological design not only a strategic goal, but the real driving force behind every aspect of its business activity.